Green Bay Waterfalls

Green Bay is probably most well known as the home of the Green Bay Packers. I’ve now visited the city twice in the past year, and wanted to write about the waterfalls I visited on my most recent visit.

Green Bay is about 3 hours from Chicago, and it’s a super easy drive! Once you’re up there, there is plenty to see and do! I recommend finding time to visit these two waterfalls.

Wequiock Falls

Wequiock Falls is located just off of Highway 57 to the north of Green Bay. We stayed near Lambeau, and it took us less than a half hour to make the drive to these falls.

When I say, “just off the highway,” I mean, JUST off the highway. We almost missed the turn into the parking lot, it comes so quickly after the turn off of the highway. But this place does not feel at all like you’re located near a busy road! It’s truly a hidden gem.

When you pull into the parking lot, it doesn’t seem like much at all. In fact, I was getting nervous thinking I’d chosen a dud for us to stop and see. We walked up to the head of the parking lot, and immediately realized that we were above the falls! There is a small ravine that the falls flow into.

Looking down at Wequiock Falls. It took us a second to realize the falls were underneath us! I also loved how someone shaped the rocks down there into a spiral! Very Moana-ish.

There is a concrete bridge built so that you can walk from the parking lot over into a grassy park area. There is also a neat statue in this area. If you walk towards the road (parallel to the highway), you’ll find a staircase leading down to a view looking at the waterfall. If you’re not feeling adventurous, you can stop here!

Haha I didn’t realize my brother had snapped this one of me trying to pick my way across the rocks in my dress! So ladylike.

If you are looking for adventure, you can continue down the stairs. At this point, it’s marked as unmaintained, continue at your own risk. We took the risk! The lower stairs are pretty dilapidated. I hadn’t expected to be climbing into a ravine and was wearing, of all things, a white dress, and Birkenstocks. Not the best apparel for climbing over damp rocks!

I would recommend bringing water shoes to this spot. I was able to navigate along a bit of the sides of the ravine wearing only my Birkenstocks, but eventually I ditched them to walk across the rocks closer to the falls barefoot. The water flows towards the Bay, and there is a neat graffitied underpass, of sorts on one end.

Wequiock Falls!

When you head towards the falls, it’s gorgeous! Honestly, you can easily forget that you’re in Wisconsin. Such a neat place! The falls are surprising. I relied on my go to waterfall site, and it told me that Wequiock Falls is often dried up in summer time. We went in late June and there was plenty of flow, although we did go the day after a large storm.

All in all, this place is definitely worth a stop! It’s truly a magical hidden spot.

Fonferek’s Glen

This was actually the waterfall we went to first. I was majorly impressed, until we saw Wequiock Falls. In terms of size, this waterfall is much larger. It actually is a 30 foot waterfall, so it’s pretty large!

If you weren’t looking for this place, you would never find it. We pulled into the parking lot, and were surprised to find a house and a barn. Luckily, I had done my Google research and knew to expect this. Simply follow the trail around the barns and outbuildings, and you will reach the overlook for the falls.

It honestly took my breath away. I was not expecting it to be so large! And the same as with Wequiock Falls, I had read online that if you visited in the summer, there would be little to no flow. However, again, this was not the case! There was plenty of water flowing over the falls the day that we visited in late June.

Beyond the overlook, you can take a trail to head to the top of the falls, or a trail to head to the bottom of the falls. I’ll be totally honest. If you are nervous about hiking or nervous about waterfalls in any way shape or form, don’t do it. Both of these trails are blocked off, and marked with “proceed at your own risk” signs. We took the risk and skirted the barriers on each side and explored both trails.

More full disclosure? The Google Reviews of this spot literally have someone complaining about the fact that their daughter died at these falls, and that they’re incredibly dangerous and the country has done nothing despite their continued complaints. And after the trails we explored? I completely understand the danger and do not recommend hiking here unless you feel 100% up to it.

Looking down from the top of the falls.

Back to the point. If you hike to the right, to the top of the falls, you’re able to walk close to the edge and see right over the top! The water is chilly, but wasn’t horrible. You can also walk across to the other side, where supposedly a path will take you down to the bottom of the falls. We did not do this! We simply splashed around a bit and then headed to try and hike the other blocked off trail.

The other blocked off trail, to the left of the waterfall overlook, is considerably more blocked off, as it should be. We had to climb through the fence to hike this trail, which, maybe we shouldn’t have done. It’s pretty much a straight drop to climb down to the bottom of the falls. Again, I was wearing my white dress and Birkenstocks, so trying to navigate this was a nightmare.

While my family chose to scramble over the treacherous rocks like mountain goats, I went off in search of another trail that would hopefully lead to the bottom. I eventually turned back because the trails grew so narrow and steep that I deemed it not worth it. Instead, I cautiously picked my way down the steep rocks, only to find that it was still another straight drop of 3-4 feet down to the actual banks of the water. At this point, I gave up.

I would love to go back and explore more, in more appropriate clothing! It just wasn’t going to happen in my dress and sandals, while carrying around my massive camera. There is also supposedly a natural bridge in this park, so I would love to try and find that next time!

I absolutely recommend visiting this place, but please, please, do so at your own risk. I see the dangers of this place, and cannot in good conscience send anyone there without this warning!

If you’re planning to visit Green Bay, make sure to visit both of these spots!

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