Cuba Day 5

Ahhhhhh beach day. I woke up early to the sound of the roosters at 5:10 in the morning. They didn’t let up until 8a. It was insanity.

I lounged in bed on my phone until it was time for breakfast at 8:15. Having Internet in bed was such a luxury, I honestly could’ve laid there all day. Breakfast was out of this world. Looking at the mogotes from Susana’s rooftop was amazing. Stunning. I enjoyed my breakfast, but definitely could not finish it all.

I got my bags ready for the beach, and at 8:50, my taxi arrived. I was the first to be picked up. We rode and picked up a girl who spoke English, I was so excited. She and her father were travelling from Germany. She had wanted to come solo but her parents were too overprotective.

After picking them up, we picked up 4 others who spoke different languages. As our driver called it, it was a “coche del mundo,” or a car of the world. The ride to the beach took about an hour and forty five minutes. If the roads were better, it would be much quicker, but the roads are so pock-marked, it’s impossible to go quickly. Especially in a car from 1953.

It was very funny. 4 cars left ViƱales at a similar time, and we kept leapfrogging one another the whole way there. Relatively smooth road? The new Hyundai surged ahead. Smaller potholes? The old blue Ford would pass us! Then all of a sudden, we’d fly past them both. It was a fun pattern that I enjoyed observing.

Finally, we reached a sign marking 4km to Cayo Jutias. Time to rejoice! Except… he quickly informed us that the sign was incorrect and it was not 4km, but 11! I was squished between the driver and another large man, with no leg room. It was getting hot and uncomfortable, so I was so happy when we finally arrived! We all decided to meet back at 4, to head back, and we hit the beach.

The final stretch of road… The views were STUNNING.

I found a secluded spot down the beach, and laid out my stuff to relax. It was glorious. I don’t ever remember being so relaxed. I got to lay in the sun and read a book for 5 hours! The restaurant also serves you beachside, so I was able to order and receive a pina colada without getting up! And it was only 3CUC. The small price to pay was the waiter asking me to go out to salsa that night, but I just politely declined.

My Pina Colada.

The beach was interesting. Not overly crowded, and a lot of Europeans! Halfway through, I started noticing that there was a lot more nudity than I expected!

At 4p.m., we all piled back into the clown car. I thought it was hot being squished between them in the morning? After the black cab had been sitting in the sun all day, it was now boiling. I was melting on the way home, and of course our driver kept stopping to chat with friends on the side of the road!

After we dropped everyone off, I asked if he would be able to take me to the Prehistoric Mural. It was less than 4km away. I told him I would pay extra! He took me to the mural, and allowed me to practice my Spanish with him along the way. We paid the 3CUC admission, and I got out to explore. I asked for five minutes, but I know he would have been fine with more!

I didn’t want to take too much of his time, so I got out, checked it out, and quickly returned. Upon arriving back at my casa, he informed me that the cost for the WHOLE DAY (journey to and from Cayo Jutias and then to the moral and back), was only 20CUC! I was astounded. I had previously been told that the ride to and from the beach was 25CUC total, and assumed the mural would cost me at least 10CUC extra. My cab driver, Joaquin, is my new favorite person!

Back at Susana’s, I took a quick shower and then watched the sunset over the mogotes from her rooftop, ending my day as it had started.