Cuba Day 6

I woke up early. Somehow, despite the roosters crowing at dawn again, I had managed to sleep through it this morning. However, I still needed to be up at 6:30 to have plenty of time before the taxi arrived.

I rolled out of bed and got ready to go, then asked Susana to turn on the wi-fi. With the internet on, I caught up with the world until breakfast was ready at 7:30.

I got the rooftop to myself, and basked in the glory of the new day. It was going to be gorgeous out. After breakfast, I waited for my taxi. He arrived at around 8:20, and I was excited to see a modern car (relatively speaking) instead of a 50s car! His 80s sedan had AIR CONDITIONING! And nice seats WITH HEADRESTS AND SUN VISORS. Oh the things we take for granted. I was the first pickup, and as such, I got to sit up front.

Next, we picked up a nice, elderly German couple. they were very curious and told me I was the only American they had met in Cuba so far, so I explained the process of coming here as an American. We pulled up in front of the 3rd party’s house, and I was mid-conversation with the couple when I heard, “Hi, I’m Jenny!”. I turned around in shock and saw that it was the Jenny I had befriended while riding horses two days before.

We both quickly caught up, and then relaxed for the long ride. We only stopped once, for the man to use the bathroom at the side of the road, and after that we cruised quickly to Havana.

We stopped just in the borders of Havana, and Jenny switched cabs, as she was not going the whole way into Havana, she was heading to Varadero. We said goodbye, and we drove into the city!

I was dropped off next. It was impressive. My ride from Havana-ViƱales had taken almost 4 hours, and this ride barely took 2.5hours. What a difference a modern car and an organized driver makes! I was stunned to discover how centrally located my new Airbnb was. And it was ICY COLD due to working AC, with a massive shower. I was overjoyed.

My host was also very nice. She arranged for my laundry to be done, and organized breakfast for 9am the next morning. I laid in the cold room relaxing for an hour. I needed a nap because I’d woken up so early! Then I set out to find internet and alert the world that I was still alive.

I headed up to ETECSA, which was now gloriously close to my Airbnb and purchased 3 new cards. I updated the world a bit, and then went to Central Park to sit in the shade and read a book on my Kindle.

After an hour there, I decided to head up to the Museum of the Revolution. It seemed worth checking out! I arrived and checked my bag in, then bought my ticket. I was expecting the museum to take at least an hour to explore, if not more. The building itself is massive! However, this was not the case. I found that 90% of the building was under construction and not able to be seen. I saw (and read) everything there was within 45 minutes. Also, it wasn’t all in English, which was unfortunate. But I am still glad I went!

They do have a cool outdoor exhibit where you can see planes/trains/automobiles from the war and Revolution, and I thought that was pretty neat.

I walked around a bit through Old Havana and found a wifi park where I sat for a bit. I informed everyone I was going for a siesta, and went to lay down and read a book in my air conditioned room until dinner.

After my siesta, I headed back towards the wifi park, where I sat for an hour, enjoying the last sunshine of the day. A little boy approached me asking for money or food. I handed him a fruit leather strip, one of my remaining few that I had on me. I felt bad not giving money, but I was running low on funds and really did NOT want to have to exchange my last bit of USD before I left. I noticed a restaurant on the corner near the wifi park that looked really good, and I decided to chance it. I’m so glad that I did!

Habana 252 was delicious and had fantastic service! It was comparable to Chicago, and I was in and out in under 40 minutes. I was highly impressed on the whole.

After my dinner, I went back to sitting in the park. My little amigo found me again, and I felt bad that I had nothing more to give him. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow!

I headed back to my Airbnb where I found my laundry done and folded on my bed. It made my whole night! I definitely didn’t need to have laundry done (I totally overpacked), but I appreciated having clean pajamas and the fact that I could pack my suitcase without having to worry about bringing home mountains of dirty laundry.

I took a shower and curled up in bed to watch movies that I had downloaded to my devices. It was almost time for my last day in Havana.