Cuba Day 7

I woke up around 8:30 to get ready for the day. Ana had my breakfast ready for me at 9, and oh man was it delicious! The bread that she served was unbelievable, so I may or may not have eaten the whole basketful. Oops.

She also cooked some fried eggs, and served them with platters of fruit, some sort of breakfast cake, and juice. It was all to die for. I was curious if she would make it at 6:30 tomorrow morning before my taxi arrived, but also, I didn’t want to be a jerk about it and make her get up at the crack of dawn.

After breakfast, I headed to the wifi park near the house, Park Cervantes. After letting everyone know I was alive, it was time for my drum lesson! It was ridiculously close by the house and the park, so it was an easy walk.

My Drum Instructors

I wandered in and we got started. I worked up a sweat! It was so much fun, even though they spoke very little English. We played several songs, and took a coffee break as well. It proved I still don’t like coffee, but I drank it to be polite. After my lesson, I was dying. It was so hot in their tiny apartment/music school.

I headed back to lay in my air conditioned room (which was less than one block away), for a little siesta. After relaxing and enjoying the AC, it was time to get on with my day. From the house, I walked up to the ETECSA one final time.

I was surprised at the chaos. I was able to slip in through the door, which was for once, unmanned. I sat down quietly to wait, and connected myself to the internet. Seeing that I knew what I was doing, a French woman begged me for help with the wifi, and I gladly obliged.

After awhile, I realized no employee was going to come and tell me that it was my turn. Instead, I needed to go stand in the chaotic “line” and wait. After a long wait, I received my last 3 ETECSA cards of the trip. 21 hours of internet, I’d bought, in total. All from this place, which meant that I’d come and gone from there 7 times! Will I finish all my cards? Probably not. But they don’t expire for a year, and they only cost $1 anyways. Maybe I’ll come back?

I quickly ran down to the restaurant that I wanted to eat at for lunch. I parked myself into a small table on the upstairs level, and was thrilled to find that the waitress spoke English! Excellent English. I ordered the O’Reilly Tacos (I have no clue what was in them), and then had a bottle of water and chips. All of it was delicious, if not super messy. When she brought the check, she brought me a flower, and it made my day.

From there, it was a short walk to the art studio. I actually had a brief moment to hop online on the way, and update my family. The art class was AMAZING. All three guys were great and spoke excellent English. Two kids from the neighborhood came and crashed the class for a bit as well, which was super fun.

We learned a few different art forms, and I had so much fun doing crafts! I feel like I never get to do stuff like that anymore. When the class was done, they told me that I could come back at 6p to pick up my art. It needed a bit more time to dry off. I said no problem! Then they shocked me by giving me a caricature! I’ve always wanted one, so this made my day even more than the flower had. I loved it.

From there, I headed back home to rest for a few before going back out in search of internet, dinner, and ice cream. I dropped off my flower from O’Reilly 304 and cooled down for a second.

Then I was off to find some internet! I sat in Cervantes Park until about 6p, when I headed back over to La Ubre to pick up my artwork. They had packaged it so nicely! I brought the package home so I didn’t have to lug it around, and walked myself over to dinner.

5 Sentidos was much fancier than I had imagined. Imagine an upscale Italian place. 5 Sentidos had a very similar vibe. White cloth tablecloths and napkins, with a guard manning the door to keep random people out. I was served a drink on the house the minute I walked in! The waiter was so attentive that it made me super self conscious, as I read my book and enjoyed my pork. He literally watched as I ate (the restaurant was relatively empty), and the minute the last bite of pork was in my mouth, he swooped in with toothpicks. A bit overmuch, in my opinion. I decided I should probably not eat dessert, and save my last 5CUC in case of emergency.

I headed back to the park, where I hung out until 8. At 8, I got up to go and was halted by a strange man who asked for a light (I had no idea people still did that), and got sucked into a strange conversation and Cuba vs. The Philippines. Finally, I excused myself, as I really needed to go home.

I got home, took a shower, and packed my bags. Snuggled into bed, I finished my book, and went to sleep. 

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      Thank you for the kind words! I took a bit of a hiatus due to coronavirus but am back now! I hope you’ll continue to follow along.

    1. mrichter2 Post author

      Aw thank you! I had a bit of a delay with posting due to covid, but I’m back now and hope you will continue to follow along on my adventures!

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