How To Finger-Knit

I first learned to finger knit when I was in high school. I wanted easy Christmas gifts, and arm knitting appeared on my Pinterest one day. So, that year, I arm knit scarves for EVERYONE.

Shortly after that, it occurred to me. If I could knit on my arms, why not my fingers as well? I later would try and apply this concept to knitting with chopsticks (because I was not about to spend money on knitting needles if this was going to be an epic fail), and it did not work nearly as well. But the finger knitting? Cake.

These have become my go-to gifts for people. This year, I knit scarves for the entire support staff of my office, as I wanted to give out little gifts. Everyone loves these things, and when they find out you’ve made them, they’re instantly more impressed!

The best part about these scarves is their price. You can get a skein of yarn for about $2 at Walmart, and you typically only need one skein to complete a scarf! So these make great gifts, but also, if you love wearing scarves like I do, you’ll be able to own scarves in every color for a super low price!

Here is a video tutorial of how to finger knit a scarf. Hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help in any way that I can!