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Cuba Day 4

I woke up and laid in bed reading for a bit. Then, I went off in search of a Cadeca (money exchange). I went the wrong way, several blocks. Then I asked 3 different people, and finally found the cadeca. It was very close to my Airbnb! I exchanged more of my money, and then […]

Cologne + Marburg, Germany

I closed out my European adventure by visiting the German cities of Cologne (Köln) and Marburg. I woke up relatively early and hit the road for Cologne. I was able to get there without incident (which was, as you know if you’ve read my other blog posts, a miracle in and of itself). Because I’d […]

Copper Falls State Park, WI

One of the first things I wrote about when I started my blog was about my trip up north last summer. I then became embroiled in writing about all these other things, and I totally forgot that I hadn’t written about my trip to Copper Falls State Park, in Northern Wisconsin. I chose to not […]


Heidelberg… Oh boy. This was an adventure! Despite the nightmarish morning that was my arrival in Heidelberg, I think it may be one of my favorite places that I visited! I was excited to visit Heidelberg, as all the images I had seen of it looked beautiful! I found a photographer through Airbnb experiences (which […]

Donut Digest

My first job was at a donut shop. We simply called it, “the donut shop,” despite it having a real name. It was a little mom-and-pop donut shop that was run by a family. I was one of the few employees who was not related to the family in some way. That job taught me […]